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Why Ruff Bars

Canine Whole Food Nutrition. The perfect mid trail snack for your dog. Don't leave home without a whole food dog snack with organic ingredients  

WHY Ruff Bars?

we keep it Simple with whole food ingredients and no preservatives. Just what you would want to eat. 


RUFF Bars are a versatile product that are essential for any active dog. For hiking they are the perfect mid trail snack. Backpacking they serve as a lightweight nutrition packed bar for sustained endurance. On hunting excursions you can go the extra hours knowing that your dog is performing at its highest level. For busy days use them as an on the go meal replacement bar. Have a puppy? Get their nutrition started right by using RUFF Bars as the perfect training treat.

“When dogs exert themselves they need to cool off by panting. Panting uses an enormous amount of energy. Giving your dog high quality digestible protein is paramount during these periods for optimal performance”

 -Dr. Suzan Seelye



- AFFCO Complete and balanced 

- Veterinarian and Naturopathic Doctor formulated

- Compatible with raw food diet

- Small batch with all products coming from USA

- Made with highest human grade food available

- Handmade in the US