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Our Story

This page is the story on how ruff bars was created. Ruff Bars are a whole food active nutrition bar for dogs. They are made with human grade whole food ingredients. The best snack your dog can get

The inspiration to create RUFF Bars came out of a desire for an easy to carry, nutritionally appropriate food bar for my dog Abby while on the trail hiking and backpacking. Most dog snacks or on the go meals on the market today are heavily based on cheap fillers like potatoes, oats, legumes and beans such as chickpeas, lentils and peanuts. Those kinds of foods are alright for omnivorous humans to eat but not healthy for your carnivorous canine pal to ingest on a regular basis.  With the assistance of a Veterinarian and a Naturopathic Doctor we created a bar composed of top notch ingredients that not only fulfills your pup's nutritional requirements, but is quick and convenient too. We believe that your dog should get the very best so we use only grass fed no antibiotic no hormone beef and organic ingredients. Dogs are natural carnivores so don’t compromise. Give them the very best with Ruff bars. Every bar is hand made in Ketchum Idaho.